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    1. Heroes are

      The AGON series can offer the perfect weapons for Heroes to enforce their powers. With cutting-edge technology and top-notch features such as delivering the highest refresh rate with the best resolution, AGON products can serve as the tool to give that advantage over your opponents.

      Products for heroes

      Agon 1

      Agon 2

      Agon 3



      Hardcore gamers

      Ambitious and dedicated, Heroes thrive in the heat of the competition. After all, they aim to overcome any obstacle and emerge as the proud champion in shining armour. And the right gear can serve as a powerful weapon to support their skill. Be it in a tactical shooter or a strategic MOBA session: Heroes want to win every 1v1, every match and every battle.

      All heroes must

      To support Heroes unlocking a new level and overcoming tough challenges, more refined equipment can help them maximize their performance. Upgrading to higher FPS or peripherals with more precise input compliments their skill and effort. Customisation is important, as well as great resolution and ergonomics, as they spend much time with their passion for gaming.

      Favourite games

      A Hero embraces any game that features a difficult goal to achieve or comes with a multiplayer field where they can beat all their opponents and emerge on top.